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Cable assembly service
We assemble your desired cables

 ✔ Configure your own cables with a simple online tool
✔ Wide choice in coax cables and various types of wire  ✔ We assemble from €70,- excl. VAT.

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Configuring coaxial cables | Configuring wires

Cables assembly and/or configuration

Cables assembly and/or configuration

At Conrad we have all kinds and sizes of cables. But sometimes your cable is not in our cable assortment? Then use our cable assembly service. This allows you to configure your desired cable which we will then assemble for you. We offer the choice to combine different types of plugs, lengths, cable types and even labels in order to assemble your own cable. After configuring you will immediately see the costs and you can order the cables or export them to PDF to make a quotation. This saves you time and money by not searching endlessly for the right cable but simply configuring it in minutes. And don’t you want high production costs? No problem, we assemble all your cables from €70,- excl. VAT!

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Ready made cables and wire for every application

You are also at the right address at Conrad for a ready-made one. With thousands of cables from computer cables to industrial cabling, home networks, robotics, vehicle construction – at Conrad you will find exactly what you need for your project. These cables can be ordered with or without plug, per metre or even per kilometre. Despite our wide range of cables, you can quickly find your desired cables thanks to our extensive filter options.

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> Multimedia cables & adapters> Monitor and HDM cables
> Extension cords> USB cables
> Fiber optic cables with connector> View our full range of cables here